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By Team TriosCo | May 22, 2023

Ever seen something where you just go “wow”? Perhaps it made you rethink your current stance. And maybe, it inspired you to create something absolutely epic.

Marketing campaigns. They’re a strategy brands use to promote awareness about their product or service. But that’s something we already know. The campaigns that truly make a difference… you know… the memorable ones that everyone still talks about, do something more. It inspires people to act. It evokes emotions that make people connect with the brand on a deeper level. More importantly, it’s the defining factor that makes a brand stand out among the rest.

We’re taking a trip down memory lane to discuss some of the greatest marketing campaigns that have inspired us to push our limits.

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Apple’s “Think Different”

When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he immediately wanted to rebuild the company’s then-tarnished image. And that’s exactly what happened. Apple defined its identity by featuring some of the greatest thinkers and iconic figures in history, creating a sense of belonging among its customers. This ultimately lead to the unwavering loyalty we see in Apple users today. Furthermore, it showed the world that Apple played an integral role in allowing creative minds to reach the pinnacle of their success by simply creating the tools they need.

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”

In 2004, Dove wanted to branch out and explore what beauty meant to women. After a market survey they found that only 2% of women thought they were beautiful. As a result, Dove changed its brand’s messaging to focus on empowering women’s self-esteem by showcasing real women in their campaigns rather than supermodels. Dove’s campaign was a game changer as it did exactly what their audience wanted to see. Not only did it challenge existing beauty norms and spark conversations about self-esteem, but it allowed Dove to establish itself as a brand that makes beauty a factor to be proud of rather than a concern. Furthermore, as the only brand to not conform to industry norms, Dove received tons of free publicity which only strengthened its identity as a brand for real people.

Old Spices’ “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

A comical take on men for a change, old spice wanted to create a campaign character that appealed to both men and women. Launched during the 2010 Superbowl with over 40 million views on YouTube at the time, it’s safe to say “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” was an instant hit. But the campaign helped reposition Old Spice as a hip contemporary brand.

Always’ “Like a Girl”

A true depiction of gender stereotypes that young girls face, this Always ad was a breath of fresh air as it celebrated the resilience of young girls. Like a girl. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, and many of us have sadly used. And at its core, it’s an insult that suggest that girls are weaker than boys. Always took this phrase and created one of the greatest campaigns in marketing history to ever exist. It challenged the everyday stereotypes by redefining what is means to do something “Like a Girl” with one simple question “When did doing something “Like a Girl” become an insult”? As a result, Always received an overwhelming amount of support and positivity, with the ad going on to win several awards for its positive impact on society.

H&M’s “Close the Loop”

For years, H&M has been criticized as a fast fashion brand that isn’t as eco-friendly as it claims to be. The “Close the Loop” campaign was the brands first step towards sustainability. The aim was to promote sustainable fashion and emphasize the importance of a circular economy. Not only did the ad represent diversity with models of different ages, races, gender, etc., but it emphasized that H&M was a brand that supported individuals with distinct and unique styles. More importantly, the ad ended with a message we very rarely see in the fashion industry- encouraging people to donate unwanted clothes to its stores.