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The Boujee-est Gym on the Block

By Team TriosCo | June 12, 2023

Picture this.

You want to hang out with your friends and do something different. Not the typical coffee shop catchups, or mimosas over brunch. But something truly unique.

That’s where HermèsFit comes in. A revolutionary experience that has transformed standard “transactional” shopping into an immersive experience.

What started off as a pop-up in Bangkok, has now travelled across the world to quickly transform into an international sensation. Not that Hermès needs to try very hard to make a statement, but it’s something people can’t stop talking about.

HermèsFit was a concept designed to focus on fitness and wellness while incorporating the brand’s signature aesthetic.

But it begs the question, why would Hermès do this? And that to, for free?

Aside from the tons of free publicity, Hermès managed to do something no other luxury fashion house has been able to do. Offer customers a glimpse into its world.

Moreover, every Hermès fanatic knows, to get that long-awaited call for a Birkin or Kelly, they must build up a purchase history of random things that their SA can make a commission on. From accessories to homeware, every purchase matters.

And what better way to replicate this policy than with a gym where every inch is covered in all things Hermes? From silk scarves wrapped around punching bags to the iconic Kelly bags used as causal decoration, the gym is filled with motifs that truly capture the essence of the brand.

Furthermore, the brand infamous for its strategies of exclusivity took a step back from its long-standing ways of exclusive luxury to be… well… inclusive.

So, dear reader, let us leave you with one simple question. Has Hermes revolutionized a normal shopping experience?