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It’s about to get Theme-rific!

By Team TriosCo | July 2, 2023

Ecommerce is on the boom people, and Shopify is an amazing platform that makes online business owners’ lives a breeze. It’s easy to use, safe, affordable, and flexible, so, what’s not to love?  


But did you know that shopify themes significantly affect your conversion rates?  


Themes are the face of your store. They determine what you can do and how it’ll eventually look. And, if we’re being honest, looks matter. If your store looks attractive, it’ll only entice visitors to stay, browse, and hit the checkout button. If not, they’ll be waving you bye-bye. 

So, as the saying goes, choose wisely.  


However, with thousands of free and paid Shopify themes, it can be quite daunting. So, let’s break it down.  

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The theme must be customizable to align with your brand’s identity. When customers land on your store page, they must instantly think of your brand.  

From brand colors, fonts, and images, to the overall style and aesthetics, every little detail must scream your brand in the most obsessive way possible.  


Ever since smartphones came into the picture, it has become extremely convenient for people to rely on their phones for everything. Whether it’s for work, leisure, or simply scrolling the internet, people are glued to their phones. 


Therefore, choosing a Shopify theme that is mobile friendly, responsive, and adheres to all smartphones is crucial for positive user experiences.   

Navigation and Structure:

Keep it clean and easy.  


Shopify themes must offer clean menus, clear categories, and easy navigation elements that help your visitors browse your online store easily. This allows them to find products quickly and just CHECKOUT!  

Speed and Performance:

Let’s be honest.


No one, including you, likes to wait for a website page to load. In fact, studies have shown that 53% of visitors leave if pages take more than 3 seconds to load. That’s over half your visitors!  


Therefore, ensuring your theme’s loading speed and overall performance is nearly as fast as the speed of sound across all devices is vital. After all, there’s no such thing as ‘too fast’ when it comes to websites. 

Product Presentation:

The theme you select must allow you to display product images, descriptions, variants, and prices in a simplified manner.


It must create a natural flow that allows customers to BUY NOW. 

Support and Updates:

Shopify is a dynamic platform which means it’s continuously updating.   


Therefore, choosing a theme with regular updates, indicates that the developer actively maintains and improves its functionality, security, and compatibility with new Shopify versions.