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The Importance of Amazon’s Brand Registry

By Team TriosCo | July 13, 2023

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce platform. With over six million sellers on the marketplace, competition is as fierce as it can get. And while being visible is crucial, protecting your brand from counterfeiters is arguably just as important.  


Every seller knows that protecting their brand is a full-time job. It requires skill, knowledge, and utilization of all the best tools the platform can offer. However, effectively blocking off all routes to truly protect your intellectual property is a nearly impossible task to do on one’s own.  


That’s where Brand Registry comes in. And if you haven’t heard of it, then you’re severely missing out.  

What is Amazon Brand Registry?  

First launched in 2015 and later revamped, Brand Registry is one of Amazon’s protection programs. Not only does it identify who the true brand owners are, but the program also does two very important things that help brands establish themselves and grow:  

  1. 1. Protects their intellectual property  
  1. 2. Allows brands to access different marketing tools such as building an Amazon storefront.  
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How Was the Program Revamped?

When it was first launched, the program allowed brand owners to have full control over the content within their listings and a possibility of being exempt from providing a universal product code (UPC) on their products. 


With the revamp, Brand Registry 2.0 allows brands to also do the following:  


  1. 1. Have a dedicated support team within Amazon’s Brand Registry department to help navigate the system. This included helping brands submit intellectual property infringement claims, report marketplace violations such as manipulating reviews, and even monitor their performance.  
  1. 2. With access to different marketing tools, brands can now strategically utilize the platform to increase their rankings to be as visible as possible on the world’s largest marketplace. 

Why was it launched?

Before the Brand Registry program ever existed, Amazon was notorious for doing very little to protect brands from counterfeit products being sold. As a result, Amazon created an entire workforce dedicated towards solving such issues on the marketplace.  

As authorized sellers and resellers are now more easily identifiable, Amazon was able to enforce standardized regulations for selling brands across the marketplace that truly protected a brand’s intellectual property.  

What are the Benefits of Amazon’s Brand Registry Program?

Aside from finally allowing brands to protect themselves from counterfeit products, the program offers a multitude of benefits that brands are able to leverage.  


Brands can build their own store pages. This significantly enhances a customer’s shopping experience as customers can now browse through the brand’s entire product catalog. Furthermore, the A+ Content feature was introduced, allowing brands to create visually appealing and informative product listings that are customized to their brand guidelines rather than the same standard information. Here brands are able to fully utilize Amazon’s marketing tools to really showcase their brand and everything they are known for.   

However, the biggest benefit of the program is the new feature of Brand Analytics. Brands are now able to make more data-driven decisions in order to increase sales and brand loyalty through the insights gathered from different data reports.  


Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace. It’s important brands do everything in their power to protect their products and brand image, while also trying to garner as much control over their listings as possible. That’s why Brand Registry is extremely important for every brand.