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EQ vs IQ

By Team TriosCo | August 7, 2023

Are you an emotional person or an intellectual person?

For as long as we can remember Intellectual Quotient, commonly known as IQ, has been the primary factor that determines our educational and professional lives. We were taught and examined on our ability to understand and remember the concepts and ideologies of the world based on our problem-solving skills.  


However, recent notions have begun to suggest that “IQ is a very narrow way to determine someone’s success”. This eventually led to the necessity of inventing a measure that has proven to be more important than IQ… Emotional Quotient.  


The term EQ, or EI (Emotional Intelligence), was first coined by John Mayer and Peter Salovey, but later popularized by Daniel Goleman. His groundbreaking work, Emotional Intelligence; Why it can matter more than IQ, defied traditional notions with something we can only describe as audacious- IQ tests intelligence, but EQ determines success. 


IQ is the technical knowledge we attain from our educational foundation. It determines what college we go into and, more importantly, what’s our first jobs would be. On the other hand, EQ is understood to be the foundation for people and soft skills. 


Simply put, IQ is the technical knowledge we need to land our dream job, but EQ determines how quickly we advance in our careers field. Furthermore, unlike IQ, EQ can be learned, developed and implemented at any age. This makes it the next secret mantra for success.   

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Success Determinant?

Studies across the world have proven that EQ is just as important or even more than IQ for a successful professional and personal life.  


But why? Why does high EQ mean high rate of success?   


For any profession or field of work, communicating and working with people is the most important part in the professional world. With a higher EQ we are self-aware, in-control of our emotions, and better equipped to handle others’ emotions and unexpected bursts of emotions. These factors have a greater influence on our performance than one may think. It impacts our overall growth or success than academic knowledge and intelligence. 

Future with EQ?

The importance of EQ and its research is at an all-time high right now because it caters to our modern notions of the business world in the best way possible. With an IQ-dominated society, we have built a world that is technologically developed and advanced. But with growing technology, people have grown distant, stressed and lonely than they have ever been. IQ does not help us in connecting with each other and forming strong relationships.  


EQ becomes more important than IQ in ‘soft’ domains. It helps us understand our employer’s or employee’s mood, access their emotional state and drive the situation into a more productive and value deriving environment. This distinction between people is what makes them successful in life.