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Is AI Content Harmful?

By Team TriosCo | September 11, 2023

Ever since the fanfare of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Dalle-2, it’s hard to imagine a world without AI. After all, it has revolutionized how we work, live, and rely on technology. Moreover, it’s given digital marketers a method of generating content at the click of a button.  


However, while such speed is extremely alluring, does it do more harm than good?  


With AI generated content becoming widely popular across businesses, many people wonder how to utilize the sophisticated power of AI correctly.  


Shall we dig in?   

What is AI Content:

Anything generated by artificial intelligence, or a machine learning program is AI-generated content. 


From content and videos to generating Instagram post ideas or creating a website, there is an AI app out there that can do it.  


By utilizing natural language processing to analyze human language, the emotions we use while writing content, and technical skills such as grammar, AI generates content. And with its constant updates, the content sounds more and more like it’s written by a human.  


On the other hand, AI-generated designs, such as images and videos, is based on certain criteria that are an amalgamation of existing content to create a new design.  

MicrosoftTeams image 2023 09 11T205151.629

What is AI Content:

It’s Business 101. Always, always know your product. Understanding every single facet that directly affects the product is key. And this all begins with market research through a thorough SWOT analysis. Knowing the competition, determining profit margins and scope of growth, and all other factors that directly affect the product’s success.  


However, when it comes to dominating eCommerce, there are a few other factors to take into consideration. As consumers are shopping online, they don’t always have the time or attention span to continue browsing the pages. Therefore, how do product listings achieve a high ranking at allows them to show up on the first two pages? Well, the answer is simple dear reader, it begins with product listings.  


Researching the different types of images and content needed to list products on an eCommerce platform like Amazon. More importantly, how to optimize Amazon product listings. By including and continuously optimizing listings with relevant keywords, enticing photos that clearly depict the product, organically ranks listings higher.   

What Does AI Generated Content Look Like?

With more and more AI apps and tools being launched, that cover all aspects a business needs to function, it’s a safe bet that AI can take over the human workforce. But is AI content as foolproof as we make it seem to be? 


  • ◈ It’s efficient which makes it cost effective for businesses. 
  • ◈AI can be trained to generate content tailored to individual preferences.  
  • ◈ It helps overcome creative blocks.  
  • ◈ Lacks creativity.
  • ◈ Plagiarism and copyright issues.  


MicrosoftTeams image 2023 09 11T212044.520
MicrosoftTeams image 2023 09 11T212137.592

However, AI content is at its very core is fast, simple, and easy content. There’s no spark to it. No story being told or personality coming through. While it can be tailored to individual preference, there is nothing of value that helps a reader vibe with the content. And this all comes down to one important aspect- the sheer lack of human touch.  


What Does Human Generated Content Look Like?  


Humans already have a creative mindset. This allows us to create content that they know will easily connect with their target audience. But what happens, if they’re thrown into a situation with little to no knowledge on the subject at hand?  

  • It’s original which is something search engines love.  
  • Human generated content evokes emotions, creating long lasting impressions.  
  • It takes time to create quality content.  


MicrosoftTeams image 2023 09 11T212422.092
MicrosoftTeams image 2023 09 11T212050.669

Any writer or designer, especially one in a digital marketing firm, has been in a listless situation where they need to create content with little knowledge of the subject at hand. The added pressure of a deadline only hinders the creative process.  

What does AI and Human Content Look Like?

AI is a tool designed to aid humans. While AI and ML programs replacing the human workforce seems like a very real, and somewhat scary may we add, possibility, it lacks the ability to connect. Humans engage based on their feelings. Without the human touch, we are just left with good content. Not great content that gets the job done.  

  • Humans focus on the creative strategy while AI compile research and information.  



MicrosoftTeams image 2023 09 11T212050.669
MicrosoftTeams image 2023 09 11T205159.237

AI is used for the purpose it was designed for rather than a means of replacement, writers, designers, musicians, and even web developers can focus on the creative strategy while AI focuses on the research, organization, and editing aspect.  


So, is AI generated content harmful?  

It’s a hard question to answer as it has its own advantages and disadvantages as any technology does. However, for the foreseeable future, AI or humans alone will never be able to produce content in a manner that is needed in today’s world. Rather, each must aid the other to produce the best content to fulfill the end goal.